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A large number of guns were preserved in excellent condition because of this. The 25-pounder Field Gun, Osprey Publishing, Oxford,, New Vanguard Series No. Ordnance QF 25-pounder History, technical sheet and photo The QF 25-Pounder gun (international caliber: 87. Many of these guns and much of their ammunition were produced in Canada, at Sorel, Quebec. The first Australian unit to be issued with the 25-pounder guns was the 2/3rd Field Regiment who were training in England in 1940. 25 Pounder Howitzer:. This may be less down to the gun itself, as to the Royal Artillery’s ability to quickly concentrate multiple batter.

The new gun was to fire a heavier shell, with a longer range and higher velocity than the 18-pdr. During the 1920&39;s it was decided to develop a weapon to include the best features of the 18-pdr and a howitzer. HK P7M13 Armorer&39;s Manual. Of all the British guns in use during the Second World War, the 25 pounder is the gun that best represents Britain&39;s armed forces. The 25 pounder field gun manual Mk 2 gun fitted to the Mk 1 carriage was the standard British and Commonwealth artillery piece during the Second World War. Known History: Designed in the 1930s, the 25pdr was the mainstay of the British Army until the late 1960s and remained in training units well into the 1980s. The Bishop and the Sexton were the two main developments in terms of self-propelling the 25-pdr. After World War One the British army requested a weapon that could utilized as both a field gun and howitzer, up to then this role was done by different weapons, the 18 pounder and the 4.

Brought into British service just prior to WW pounder remained as a primary artillery piece until the 1960&39;s and worldwide until much later. Then came the trailer unit, only sold in a yellow Trade Box: The 697 25-Pounder Field Gun Set was a really nice set, and I was fortunate to receive an example for Christmas 1957. It was adaptable, it packed a powerful punch, and above all it was reliable.

2 cm Instruction Manual Decals Sprues Ordnance QF 25-pounder Field Gun and Morris C8 Quad Manufacturer Airfix Scale 1/76 Medium injection-molded styrene Product number A5V, 01305, 02313 Release date Front Upper Under Right Left 1 2 Decals Sprue 1a Sprue 1b. The 686 25-Pounder Field Gun also had its own box, with the only change being from ridged metal wheel hubs to military green plastic. 179: 18-Pounder Gun: 5,650: Unrestored. BOOK COVERS THE FOLLOWING:- ORDNANCE, Q. A short 25-pounder in use on New Guinea, 1944.

The US Army requested 144 British 25 Pounders, with 1500 rounds of ammunition per gun, with the first echelon to arrive in Northern Ireland having an immediate requirement for. , Mk 2 & 3 CARRIAGE, 25-PR. , Allied Artillery of World War Two, Allied Artillery of World War Two, Crowood Press, Marlborough, 1998. qf 25 pound howitzer/gun Our first operational asset is called a 25 pounder field artillery gun/howitzer used by Canadian and other Commonwealth Gunners in World War II and the Korean War. QF 25 pounder Mk II: Year of build: 1942: Censorship No. The story of the Ordnance Quick Firing 25 pounder, a legendary artillery piece of World War II. It was introduced into service just before the war started, combining high-angle and direct-fire, relatively high rates of fire, and a reasonably lethal shell in a.

HK USP Armorer&39;s Manual. From 1841 to 1862, the Ordnance Department produced more than 850 Model 1841 field guns. The two officers also wrote a field manual on the guns use, copies of which were flown to the US and issued to the troops prior to their departure for Northern Ireland. The Ordnance QF 25-pounder, or more simply, 25-pounder or 25-pdr, was introduced into service just before World War II, during which it served as the major British field gun/howitzer. The 25pdr gun was sold to many Commonwealth Nations and in some parts of the World, it is still in service today. The “6-pounder” name refers to the weight of a solid shot (round ball) fired from this type of gun.

Manufacturer: Dragon Models. The Bishop (or the 25-pounder Mk I on Carrier, Valantine, 25-pdr, Mk I to give its proper military title) was designed to fulfil a requirement for the 25-pdr gun to be able to keep pace with the war of manoeuvre in the Western Desert. 235: Ceremonial 25-Pounder Field Gun: 5,085: Used for funerals of V. HK USP40 Compact. Have a weight in action of 30 cwt Fire a projectile weighting between lb. This is a simulation using green screened scale models and actors. 27Mk1/L Artillery Trailer). This reprint is of the last full edition of the 25-pounder handbook issued in the war (August 1944) and describes in detail the Marks II and III guns, together with their ammunition.

5 inch 114 mm) dating from the Great War. 241: Two Ammunition Limbers one used for towing and transporting a 4. There&39;s a specific section on the 25lb field gun. The Ordnance QF 25-pounder Short was an Australian variant of the British Ordnance QF 25-pounder field gun/howitzer. HK MP5 Armorer&39;s Manual. 25-Pounder Short Field Howitzer: 6,215: As used in New Guinea WW2 unrestored. The 6-lb field gun was common to both Union and Confederate armies during the early war years. 5-inch Howitzer gun and ammunition; the other for the same purpose for an.

Handbook for Ordnance QF 25-Pr Mk II (1940) The 25 pounder was the main field artillery gun used by British and colonial infantry and armoured divisions of all types during the Second World War. supported British and Commonwealth forces in combat zones all around the world. This particular gun shows up at events at least three 25 pounder field gun manual times per year, and it&39;s always a joy to see in action. HK PSG1 (German) HK SL6, SL7 (German) HK SL8-5. The name came from the fact that the weapon fired a 25-pound shell, and ‘QF’ stood for Quick Firing. Mk 1 MOUNTING, S.

** This file was expanded to include separate files for resin printing. It was the most famous gun of any army in both of these conflicts. 1943 Mk2/1 25pdr Howitzer on Mk1 Carriage (c/w No. The gun continued into. The calibre was to be 94mm and have good range and light enough to be moved in the field. The 25-pounder field gun is one of Britain’s most iconic artillery weapons, used effectively throughout WW2. Development began in 1942, and the weapon first entered service with the Australian Army the next year.

Which 25 pounder? Generally thought to be one of the best field guns of the war, the 25-pdr Mark 1s were used in France and in North Africa during the conflict&39;s early years. 25 -pounder Gun The Ordnance, Quick Firing 25-pounder (or just "25-pounder" in short form, also seen as 25-pdr) was the main field piece of Canadian artillery units beginning in 1940.

HK USP Field Stripping & Armorers Maintenence Manual. Petardier&39;s love of the 25 pounder approaches, nay exceeds, that of. During its 30 years of service the 25 Pdr. The Ordnance QF 25-pounder, or more simply 25-pounder or 25-pdr, was the major British field gun and howitzer during the Second World War, possessing a 3.

The gun was developed by modifying the 25-pounder&39;s design to improve its mobility during jungle warfare. Arguably the best field gun used by the Empire during the Second World War, the 25 Pounder, or Ordnance QF 25 Pounder was to remain in use in the British Army into the 1960s and is still in service today with many countries, including Pakistan. 25 Pounder guns firing 8th Army North Africa.

, C Mk 1 MOUNTING, VALENTINE. This example, a Mark II Gun on a Mark I Carriage, served with the 11th Field Regiment in North Africa. The British 25 pounder field gun (equivalent to an 80mm caliber) was the standard infantry support piece for Commonwealth forces during WW2, and even through the post-war conflicts all the way up to 1981. Throughout the war each British-pattern infantry division was established with seventy-two 25 pounders. The 25-pounder was one of the most satisfactory field guns used by British and Commonwealth armies during the Second World War, and it equipped most field 25 pounder field gun manual regiments of the Royal Canadian Artillery. l which was a rebored 18 pounder. The 25-pounder remained the standard British divisional field gun until 1967, but the type saw service in the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, in the Middle East in 1973 and was still in widespread use in the mid-1970s. The Ordnance QF 25-pounder, or more simply 25-pounder or 25-pdr, was the major British field gun and howitzer during the Second World War, possessing a 3.

The 25 Pounder Field Gun In May 1934 the General Staff issued a specification for a gun/howitzer to take the place of old weapons, the weapon was to. HERE WE HAVE A HANDBOOK FOR THE 25 POUNDER FIELD GUN DATED 1944. This book provides a full combat history of a gun that was used in every theatre of the Second World War and saw extensive service in the postwar years, particularly in Korea and during. ll was a completely different gun from the mk.

Known officially as the ‘Ordnance QF 25 pounder’, this gun was the workhorse of British and Commonwealth field artillery units during WWII. 5 mm) was developed in the interwar period by British military engineers to replace the aging QF 18 Pounder (84 mm) and 4. (Ordinance QF 25 Pounder) Are you asking for the general proceedure for indirect fire or specificly how the sight was operated. The 25-pdr saw service throughout World War II with British and Commonwealth forces.

Circa 1943 Ordnance 25 pounder Field Gun A fully operational Canadian built field gun complete in all respects with range finding equipment and full towing set up. (some parts of customer builds may not be included in kit) (Click on picture to enlarge). During the British. Weapons Manuals 25 pounder field gun QF.

Combining high rates of fire with a reasonably lethal 25 pounder field gun manual shell in a highly mobile piece, it was the British Army&39;s primary artillery field piece well into the 1960s, with smaller numbers serving in training units. The 25 pounder combined relatively high rates of fire, with. As well, the FDM files have been reworked (new wheels, more detailed barrel and carriage) for better print results ** This file consists of files to allow you to print copies of the British WW2 25 pounder field gun, the back bone of the British and Commonwealth Armies in the Second World War. As the most effective British field gun of the war, it served in all theatres in various guises, and it did its job superbly. Public Domain Operational History. The 25-pounder gun-howitzer was a very effective weapon, seeing service not just in WWII, but for a long time after. They apparently were puzzled as to how the British had fitted it with an automatic loader, since it seemed able to fire so rapidly. Contentsshow TypePounder Field Gun Manufacturer = Airfix Products Limited Release date = 1979 Box Box size: 20.

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